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Jack, the Airplane - An original children’s story by me.

Once upon a time there was an airplane named Jack. He was a 727 so he once flew across these great states of America.


As Jack got older, he was replaced by newer, faster planes and Jack was regulated to hops between Columbus and Chicago.

This did not make Jack mad or sad. He flew those routes as best he could. And he always had time for the children.


“Hi, Jack, the airplane!” said little Johnny as he boarded.

“Well, hello to you, Johnny-boy,” said Jack, “we’re ready to fly when you are!”

Next in line was Suzy. “Hi, Jack, the airplane”

Jack chuckled. “”Hello to you, Suzy Q!”

Finally, little Mohammed started down the boarding gate. “Hi, Jack, the airplane!”


Jack shouted, “ARREST THIS BOY!!!”

“Why?” asked the TSA agents.


And the TSA agents held Mohammed and his family off the airplane even though they’d been US citizens for 20 years.


Jack the airplane is a racist son of a bitch.

The End

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